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exit wounds | a hirunaka no ryuusei fanfic

author: midorinomai@tumblr
fandom: hirunaka no ryuusei, by yamamori mika
rating: K+
wordcount: 616
spoilers up to chapter 48.
perhaps his heart died one of those sleepless nights ago, when the biting words became old friends; old scars. —shishio/suzume. oneshot.
all characters, settings, and proprietary language are owned by the author of the work from this is derived.
additional notes:
for shizume week, day 2: wounds. the song is exit wounds by the script. I’m sorry for putting something so bad together… I just really wanted to contribute.

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Anonymous inquired:
your edits are super pretty!!

omg i’m so flattered that you think that, anon 


i’ve still got really far to go though! everytime i scroll down my dash it’s flooded with amazing graphics that i can only dream of making //rollsaround//

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